B.E./ B.Tech.
  Deg./Dip. Pharmacy
  B. Architecture
  B. Interior Design and
  B. Construction Tech.
  in CEPT University
  Bachelor of Planning
  Bachelor of Interior
  Hotel and Tourism
  Diploma to Degree
  M.E./ M.Tech./ M.Pharm.
  M.B.A / M.C.A.
  Master of Planning
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B. Inerior Design and B. Construction Technology Admissions
Five Years Courses at CEPT University, Ahmedabad
01/08/16 Revised Important Notice regarding Vacant Seats in B.ID and B.CT
30/07/16 Advertisement for Round-2 for BID and BCT in CEPT University
19/07/16 Provisional seat matrix for B.ID and B.CT
16/07/16 General Instruction for Counselling B.ID and B.CT
16/07/16 Provisional Merit list for B.ID Gujarat Board and Gujarat Other Boards and Out State and TFW
16/07/16 Provisional Merit list for B.CT Gujarat Board and Gujarat Other Boards and Out State and TFW
09/07/16 Notice for Examination
09/07/16 Seating arrangement for B.ID and B.CT aptitude test
08/07/16 List of Eligible candidates for B.ID and B.CT
08/07/16 List of Disqualified candidates for B.ID and B.CT
08/07/16 General Instructions for B.ID and B.CT Entrance Test
30/06/16 Seats available for B.ID and B.CT for the year 2016-17
30/06/16 Syllabus for BCT and BID entrance test
24/06/16 Advertisement
24/06/16 Key dates
24/06/16 Link for Online Application Form
24/06/16 Guidelines for admissions
24/06/16 Instructions for online form filling
17/06/15 B.Arch Amendment dated 16/06/2015
15/06/15 Cept Amendment (5th July, 2014)
15/06/15 Admission Rules (Notification dated 4/06/2013)
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